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"Let's ground ourselves in a circle of support."

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    8-week program: meeting weekly! 
    January/February March/April

    Professional education will be provided on a variety of topics including: sensory processing skills (of momma & baby!) to better understand regulation and co-regulation needs, how motor planning sequences unfold, activities you can do anywhere to support a solid foundation of growth for your baby, baby equipment necessities and consumerism, tummy time tips, and ergonomic supports for handling your baby + so much more! Each week, real life strategies and sensorimotor play opportunities will be explored to strengthen your baby's foundation for development.

    We meet to ground and circle, incorporating natural play activities and mothering roles within a small group to achieve overall wellness for everyone. This is a non-separating program. This enrichment program is geared towards those in their 4th trimester (0-3 months), or shortly thereafter.

    This enrichment group is for you if you are open to learning, ready to take yourself outside more often with your baby, and are looking for community with a group of like-minded mommas to grow with. 

    REACH OUT FOR A FREE DISCOVERY CALL and we will see what aligns best for you and your family's needs. We are an open and inclusive group. Please reach out with any interest!  

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