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    Sensory Profile Consultation

    Do you understand your own sensory processing, your triggers, the things that make your body feel good and the things that make you feel icky?

    When we recognize things in life that support our basic needs (a regulated nervous system at the foundation), we can live a more joyful experience.

    We can connect with our loved ones, adjust and respond instead of reacting and make the most out of each day as it comes.

    We can be EMPOWERED to support our individual sensory needs (keeping that bucket full!) when we understand how our own system processes sensory information. 

    By engaging in this Sensory Profile Consultation, you will receive an invitation to take the electronic Adult Sensory Profile assessment provided through Pearson and their secure Q-global platform. A skilled review of the results will occur before the 60 minute (phone or video) discussion where practical and individualized ideas will be provided. 


    Sensory Processing Questionnaire

    60 minute phone or video follow-up with easy to understand explanations and individualized recommendations.