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    Therapeutic Nature Mandala/Mosaic-Art Camp

    JUNE 20th 4:00pm-5:15pm
    2-6 year olds

    @ Wood Lake Nature Center 
    (6710 Lake Shore Dr S, Richfield, MN)

    You and your child can expect 75 minutes of immersion in nature, connected, while engaging in loose parts play from leaves, twigs, flowers, dirt/mud, etc. Opportunities to construct a piece of art individually or working together as a group. Graded assistance from occupational therapist Amber Scherkenbach will be provided to help support the completion of the task in a child-led manner. 

    This is an all-inclusive group. We can discuss any additional support you or your baby may need ahead of time. 

    If you are open to learning, would like to take yourself outside more often with your family, and are looking for ways to support your child’s body awareness, tactile and sensorimotor exploration, visual attention, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination & connection, then this program is for you! 

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